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    Fran Humphries

    Fran Humphries

    Oasis Lead

    My name is Fran Humphries and I have been involved with Oasis – Gardening for Wellbeing since January 2016.

    I joined Oasis because I love being outdoors and growing food, and I want to share that with other people.

    My background is in farming and in local food projects and at Oasis, I have been learning to share those skills to create therapeutic horticulture opportunities for people with experience of mental health issues. I find gardening an innately hopeful activity.

    At Oasis, I facilitate weekly gardening sessions in Fulwood and at the Longley Centre (seasonal). I also oversee our contract gardening work, work with customers and volunteers and manage and promote the Oasis project.

    Working at Oasis gives me a chance to work outdoors and enjoy growing food with a group of people who enjoy the gardening work through the seasons. I also enjoy supporting other people and seeing them develop skills, confidence and friendships. Sheffield Flourish provide a wider network for support and inspiration.