Lucy-Paige Hamilton: Therapy

Lucy-Paige Hamilton: Therapy

“Some people hate the thought of their mental health difficulties being labelled, but for others the acknowledgement of the problem is a huge step toward recovering from or at least learning to accept it. This short poem, ‘Therapy’, is my own interpretation of the stability it offers some people, and the platform Sheffield Flourish hopefully provides.”



Call me Crazy, please,

give this thing a name.

Don’t accept that I’m a mystery.

Diagnose me as Insane.

Don’t tell me I’ll just get there.

Please, give me a date.

Don’t leave it open-ended.

Validate the wait.

Don’t tell me that I’m doing fine.

It means nothing til I’ve done it.

A rescue helicopter only

undermines the summit

I’m not trying to scale a mountain

I’m trying to make it crack.

Putting on that pesky stone

won’t take the real one off my back.

Don’t tell me smiles are catching

but acknowledge they’re a juggle.

Don’t tell me that I’m looking well.

Understand I’ve learned to struggle.

Don’t plug holes with positivity

and drown me in nice diction.

Make a life raft in this madness

and give me a condition.

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