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    rain falling and bouncing on the ground

    Stacey Anderson: Rain

    'Rain' was written when Stacey was attending the Nature and Wellbeing course that was run by Shirin. This poem is her observations of people she has seen when it's raining.


    Darkness has enveloped the light
    The wind blows strongly
    The rain lashes on the windows
    Leaves that spin in the dry, stay still
    Become slippery
    Water collects on surfaces
    Motor vehicles disperse the water as they pass
    Spraying everywhere
    People wrestle with umbrellas
    Trying to keep hold
    Trying not to fly away
    Those with no umbrellas drip water
    Look like they swam here
    Water collects at their feet
    From their clothes
    They can’t get any wetter than they are now.

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