Sheffield Flourish Smartphone Stories

October's monthly theme was Creative Arts. We wanted to find a way to record all the weird, wonderful and amazing creative things happening in Sheffield, so we organised a smartphone storytelling session.

Course co-ordinator Imran Azam gave us a whistlestop lesson on how to create video stories, all on a basic smartphone or tablet. Within three hours we were skilled up. We paired off and went out into the streets of Sheffield with the aim of creating 30 second videos which said a little something about our partners. And, before long, we were sitting down to watch these lovely little videos:

Tammy gets busy sharing what the Compassion Convoy is about, also featuring Ben. 

Terry talks Recovery Enterprises, with videography from James.

Jo talks about why her keyrings are special to her. Film produced by Shirin!

James tells his Recovery Enterprises story, with videography from Terry!

A member of our community talks about why her keys feature a special lego token.

Do you have a smartphone story you’d like to share, or would you like to learn the skills? Let us know in the comments below.


  • Becky Farrell

    Fab set of videos. Having seen them I wish more than ever that I’d been able to get to the training. I’m looking forward to seeing what you all go on to create in the future.

    • Jo Eckersley

      Thanks Becky! I’d definitely be able to show you some of what we learnt next time I see you too 🙂

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