Julian Dedman: Scared Spark

Julian shares a poem about a woman he met at a folk festival. She played an electric violin in one of the bands and, even though he did not know her, she opened up to him about her fight with mental illness as they drank Guinness in the beer tent.

A drawing of a woman made up of many eyes

A woman condemned

Still in the hope she

Will be free to transcend?

Seeking absolution for a mistaken sin

Not wired to perfection

Like her electric violin

Her window no longer closed

To those whom oppose

The many that were conceived

To walk her isolated path

The path behind the timeless vail

Under the gaze of

the waxing crescent

Spirited away by dark undulations

That penetrates without consent

Into her skin

That is not her own

Archontic grip, holding sway

Her soul blisters

And will ultimately flay

Dark machinations

Converge and conspire

But fails in their pursuit

To piss on her fire

Sacred spark they cannot invade

Still she falls victim

To the Albigensian crusade.

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