Poem: Another Morning

In this poem the author vividly describes how, when it hits, depression can dominate her life, but also how, through the despair, she retains a connection to her happier self.

a room in a home

Another Morning

Another morning just waking up to a sense of dread
Mist fogs my view of the mirror
Who is she I see?

Heart is in a cage
No longer even trying to escape
Somehow that is even more terrifying
Is it possible she died?
No, the brain needs the heart to survive
I hope that holds true for me
That survival proves my heart is still alive

There are sometimes flickers of life
Voices in the white noise as I tune the radio of my life
An evening spent in hope
A jump into fresh water that feels like… fun

Sometimes though there is only white noise
The memory of hope makes despair even harder
I feel like a house sitter
This body is not mine
I do not care about its outcome
But I shall water its plants and I shall stop it burning down
Because one day the owner may come home

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