Nourishing Minds: Poetry's Power to Help us Flourish

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Nourishing Minds: Poetry's Power to Help us Flourish

In the heart of Sheffield, nestled within a vibrant community, there exists a mental health friendly sanctuary of creativity and expression—the CAST writing group. Every Wednesday afternoon, individuals gather, to connect and write in whatever way feels nourishing and useful.

As the world prepared to celebrate World Poetry Day (21st March 2024), the members of CAST embraced the opportunity to share some of their own poetry.

Their words paint vivid portraits of life’s complexities, capturing moments of lived experiences that are offered to readers to take from them what you will.  

Hear CAST member Christine read a poem she wrote in 2023, performed and shared on Instagram for World Poetry Day ’24…

Click image to hear
Infinite Circles – by Christine

Content warning: the words shared in the images below contain adult themes and are, unfiltered, and real.

Cascade of Rain at 18 – Fran Critchlow

Life with reduced stress – Catherine M

Chastised In Misery – Mark Turner

Beyond the beauty, darkness and light of the words lays a deeper truth—a truth that speaks of the healing power of poetry, its ability to nourish the mind, stir the soul, and enrich the human experience in profound and meaningful ways. For within the lines of poetry lay the keys to flourishing—a journey of self-discovery, connection, and resilience.

As the echoes of World Poetry Day fade into the distance, the legacy of the CAST group will live on, and the invitation to join remains an open door.

So if you would like to embrace the power of poetry and writing, to explore life’s big questions, and to discover the beauty that lies within your own imagination using the written word to express your own stories, get in touch to find out more or simply drop in Wednesday 2pm to 4pm at the Sheffield Flourish community space.

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