Nicole Haythorne: Anxiety

Anxiety is a poem written by Nicole sharing an insight into how debilitating anxiety can be and ultimately how she’s taken back control.

Frightening shadow over seated figure


My friends make plans,
But I can never go as one.
You are my shadow,
On the darkest of days.
With you around,
I am never alone.
You belittle me at every given chance,
Without any reason.
I can never be the real me,
But you are all I’ve ever known.
So what is me? Who am I?
Everyone knows you,
But not everyone has met you.
You are always in control.
However that was then,
Now it’s my turn.
I am who I am,
And I am in control.
My friends made plans,
And I am going as one.
Feel the fear,
And do it anyway.

Nicole Haythorne

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