Juliet McDonald: 'For Pamela with Love' and 'Purple Rain'

In these two poems Juliet beautifully writes about loss of a dear friend, hope, and the power of imagination. The artwork is by Juliet.

purple: beautiful watercolour of a bird flying high in a purpley sky over trees and fields

For Pamela – With Love

We talked about our children.
We talked about the heat.
We talked about such mundane things
As work and feeling beat.

We talked about our marriages
the good, the bad, the ugly.
We compared our life experiences
and laughed at things so silly.

Then life became unbearable.
Grief was all consuming.
Laughter took a holiday
and tears would not stop flowing.

Our conversations deepened.
Her soul was in despair.
Her body also weakened.
God, life is so unfair.

We talked of grief and anger.
We talked of pain and fear.
We felt the world had wronged her.
It was way too much to bear.

Her dream was never realised.
Her health was not restored.
Is she with the son she idolised?
YES! My soul has roared.

Purple Rain

The sky captures the soul,
thoughts flow free on the gentle wind,
the eagle soars in majestic flight
and captures the child within,
he soars with her to the heavens above
what splendour, what joy, what perfect love,
her tears flow like purple rain,
full of sorrow yet healing the pain,
back to earth she did slowly descend,
not wanting the beautiful dream to end,
as Venus shines upon her world,
the streaks of pink are all unfurled.
the beauty comes, then soon it goes
but peace within her mind still flows.

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