Experiencing grief

In this heartfelt piece Tianna, shares her experience of loosing her beloved Grandad.

Experiencing grief

At the end of November 2021, I lost my grandad. That was when I (at 22 years old) experienced my first sincere loss. His passing came and went so quickly that I didn’t even get a chance to process it. I just had to comfort my mum.

At 68 years old, he had been fine a week prior. He was a simple man that enjoyed watching Harry Potter, any good sci-fi boxset, and walking his giant loaf of a dog. He was the light of everybody’s life that had the fortune of knowing him. For myself and possibly everyone else in my family, he was the first man to show us complete undying, unconditional love and support. I think that’s why his sudden death, by COVID-19, stung so deeply.

In the Christmas and New Year that followed, the entire family experienced every emotion of every extreme. Laughing and joking about fond memories of my grandad, closely followed by crying… angry outbursts at the reports of COVID-19 on the news, followed by crying.

It’s been really difficult. Every now and then we forget he’s gone. My poor mum suggested I get bereavement counselling due to my increasing health anxiety since his passing. I’m thinking of taking up this offer once I have more time.

For now though, we’re slowly getting better and more used to this new normal. His loss still stings but it’s becoming more bearable. 

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