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    Competition Shortlisted Entry: Flourish Friends

    Making connections in the real world is made easier with the help of  digital networks, in this simple and effective competition idea from Kelly Scargill.

    How can we build a more mental health friendly Sheffield? Here’s my idea…

    I’d create a digital network, originally for people using the Sheffield Flourish website but welcoming anyone. I would use social media – perhaps a hashtag/Twitter page and a Facebook group as a way of reaching people and for anyone helping to run it. This would bring together people who may have similar interests and help connect them.

    The idea would be that as well as the regular Flourish meet-ups there would also be an informal way for members to meet up. Members could post that they are wanting to go somewhere and ask if anyone else will be going as well. This could be anything from a cinema trip to an event in the city centre, or even just something as simple as a walk if there was a market on.

    This would also be a way for people to reach out if they want to attend an event but are feeling anxious about the number of people, possibly arranging a coffee or something before the event so they have people to go with. I know from my own experience that I would find this really reassuring!

    Let’s create a more connected Sheffield!

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