Competition Shortlisted Entry: A Creative Hub

This competition entry from Karl Tett outlines his idea for a building with spaces for creative endeavours for people with mental illness.

box of different coloured paints

This story was an entry in our competition: “How do we build a more mental health friendly Sheffield?” Karl Tett’s competition entry was a vision for a Sheffield Flourish Creative Hub – a building in Sheffield with spaces for creative endeavours for people with mental illness.

“The building would ideally have art, music, film, media, photography, performance dance, creative writing and crafts. The Hub would provide resources, along with volunteers and tutors to help people do those things, as well as having a gallery to display and even sell artworks in. The Hub would also cover a space for spirituality, yoga and tai chi, and a cafe would provide drinks and a meeting place.

Studio spaces would be available, and a stage for practicing and performing on would make sure that the performance arts would have a home too.

Partnerships with the S1 Artspace Project or the Avenues to Zero might provide a good location for a Sheffield Flourish Creative Hub.

The Hub would be somewhere that patients with mental health issues could identify with – rather than just going to somewhere that has one or two things, it’d be nice to have a big central hub full of activities and creative opportunities.”

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