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    Competition Runner Up: Wellbeing Classes

    Kate’s entry for our competition on how to build a more mental health friendly city proposes a range of classes where people can come and socialise – regardless if they have a mental health issue – and take part in activities which improve their wellbeing and combat loneliness.

    My idea is to make Sheffield more mental health friendly would be to run clubs and classes where people can socialise, talk, and make friends. I think these activities could benefit people’s wellbeing and make Sheffield a great place.
    Some of the ideas I had for these classes are:

    • Dance
    • Mindfulness
    • Sport
    • Book readings
    • Books clubs
    • Film screenings
    • Art and craft
    • Cooking
    • Gardening
    • Woodwork
    • Pottery
    • Walking

    Some of these classes would need paid experts to run them, but many can be run by volunteers or clients themselves, alone or in partnership. Overall providing classes with these activities would help people because loneliness is bad for our mental health and bringing people together would combat loneliness. The dance, sport and walking activities would also benefit people because improving your fitness is known to also aid your mental wellbeing, in a fun and social way. I suggest that people with no mental health problems should also be allowed to attend classes to raise awareness and so that everyone can socialise and enjoy this opportunity.

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