Community Stories: Shake It All About

Last month's theme ‘Shake It All About’ was all about celebrating movement and recognising it as an important factor in boosting your wellbeing.  We asked our community what it meant for them.

shake it all about

January’s theme was all about celebrating movement of any kind with the theme ‘Shake It All About’. We asked whether you’d found exercise, moving, commuting, wriggling, or any kind of movement helpful for your mental health. We got a couple of great responses and we’ve had some fab stories this month that link to ‘Shake It All About’.

‘Every Sunday morning I crawl out of bed early, meet my best friend since the age of 10, catch up on the week and run for an hour or so in gorgeous countryside. Get back home feeling fabulous every time! – @lolantheFowler

‘Chi gong (as well as other practices) for 30 years likely to have staved off many negative effects of psychologically toxic environments on polyvagal nerve especially.’ – Jonny Drury

Full stories related to the theme:

Mo McKenzie: ‘Shake it all about’’: Mo gives an insight into how physical exercise has helped with his mental health whilst working in a high pressure job.

Jess Gibson: Fun Fitness Sass!‘: Jess shares some info about her mental health friendly dance class – Fun Fitness and Sass!

Becky Mairi Farrell: Swimming – From Fear to Freedom‘: Becky tells us how swimming not only helper her relax and gives her some respite from her anxieties, bus also that she is getting a physical workout which helps lift her mood too.

Rob Barnett: Study Shows Benefit of Walking in Nature‘: In this story Rob talks about the mental/emotional well being of walking in nature. Showing that even in the middle of the city we can find nature all around us in the form of the sky, trees, people’s gardens and city parks.

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