Julian Dedman: internal dragons

“My name is Julian Dedman and I have suffered from mental illness most of my life. I’m a Cosmic Cartoonist who practices shamanic visual magic art. I kinda put my meditative trance on when I work and use my subconscious. I am into Austin Osman Spare, Jodorowsky and Blake.

“My work tries to convey that the plight of poor mental health can be hidden in plain sight behind a neutral, mournful and even smiling countenance of the sufferer. All the while, within the confines of their mind, there is a battle being waged which I have come to see within a context that borders on the mythic.

“Internal dragons have to be slain to find the will to emerge from the bed to eat. Demons have to be vanquished to summon the volition to hold a conversation or visit the local shop. Having been a victim of this horrid and uncompromising illness, that destroys lives, relationships and peace, I hope my art can instill insight to those who have no understanding of the torment that mental illness brings and what a complete pain in the arse it is.”





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