Andrew Hudson: Time To Talk 2018

Andrew Hudson, Sheffield Flourish board member and all round brilliant speaker, shares his story with Paulette Edwards on BBC Radio Sheffield.

As part of the Time To Talk Day campaign I did a radio interview at BBC Radio Sheffield about mental health. It was part of the Talk to Talk Day run by Time to Change on the 1st February 2018.
As a Time to Change Champion I was invited to talk to Paulette Edwards at BBC Radio Sheffield, so I went into the radio studio to do a talk. I talk about my own personal mental health experiences and mental health in the workplace.


  • juliet

    Hi Andrew .I really enjoyed listening to your interview.There must have been so many more people like me who related to your story. Like you I lived most of my life not realising I was suffering from depression. i just thought that the way I thought and felt was just ‘my personality’ it was who I was. I suppose this happens when depression has been with you since childhood. I imagine you have inspired many people to seek out help the way you did. Thank you for sharing your experiences. P.S. I finally got help when I was around 48 yrs old.

  • liz davies

    Thank you for sharing your story with us Andrew. I am so pleased to hear that your gp was so supportive and was able to help you immediately. Also it sounds like you have a very understanding employer. I like that you said we all need to talk and you are a great inspiration for others!

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