A Letter to Self

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In this beautiful letter ‘from the future’, Tom Chapman writes to his younger self when everything felt ‘dark, futile, and cold’. Many thanks to Tom for supporting and contributing to Rotherham Flourish course.

A boy in a tunnel

Dear Tom,

I realise you probably won’t believe this, but I am writing to you from the future. I am your future self. Actually, knowing you like I do, you probably will be open to this reality.

I just wanted to provide a bit of reassurance. I realise that everything feels black, futile and cold right now, but there is a future for you beyond this. You ARE capable of recreating yourself in a new light. There is joy beyond this tunnel. And whether you’re able to feel it or not, you are loved, not least by me…that is to say, you (only with a few more wrinkles and scars).

Let this letter be proof that there is light, that time is not linear, and every moment has value.

The sun shines on the black clouds hanging over the domain.”

With love and understanding,


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