The Digital Creators Group - currently paused.

The Digital Creators Group use technology to bring together different pieces of work and support the creative collaboration of the groups across the Flourish community.

The Digital Creators Group - currently paused.

*** As of 16/08/23 The Digital Creators Group is having a break for a bit. The team will regroup, and we plan to start running the session again after a bit of a pause. Keep an eye on our socials and website for more info on when it will start up again. ***

The Digital Creators Group is for those who would like to work with technology to plan and create new pieces of art. Whether combining photography and music, planning and recording podcasts or learning to use recording equipment, Digital Creators welcomes you to come and create.  

Regular Groups 

The new Digital Creators Group provides an open-minded, mental health friendly space to make new artworks and media that are primarily in digital form using our on site technology.   

“There are good collaborative sessions, good productions, and good, interesting, like-minded people.” Digital Creators Group Attendee 

If you’re interested in creating works of art and media individually or collaboratively, we’d love to work with you to make your own project in a relaxing environment. We have friendly groups of people who’re happy to give you advice to help you develop your ideas.   

“I’ve managed to learn a lot, and have really enjoyed it.”  Digital Creators attendee (formerly Reconnect, Reflect, Regenerate)

Get in Touch  

Email: [email protected]

Call: 0114 273 7009