Open Door Music

Open Door Music is a new addition to the Sheffield Flourish network of community enterprises. The group grew out of Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust’s (SHSC) inpatient psychiatric ward as an opportunity for residents to safely engage in music activities, and meet every Friday. Open Door Music not only provides opportunities for musical creativity, but helps participants to socialise, build friendships and reduce the isolation that can often be part of living with a mental health condition. The group have been meeting on a Friday afternoon with an average of 9 participants attending; jamming and creating music together. People attending have a range of mental health conditions and includes those currently residing in psychiatric care or making the transition back into the community. The group also play on the psychiatric wards, sharing their music with inpatients on the ward.

An occupational therapist, recovery worker and music therapist from SHSC have been instrumental in organising the group; giving time to develop its activities and support its participants. There have been on-going group discussions on how to develop the project and provide more opportunities for service users to engage in music activities. As a result, Open Door Music joined Sheffield Flourish in May 2018, as there was recognition that the project had more potential to develop if it was part of a wider charity.