Will Hobson: Match Report: Brunsmeer Awareness FC vs Hillsborough Club FC

It was a hot and sweaty afternoon in the middle of February, perfect conditions for what promised to be a very interesting game of football. Brunsmeer were kitted out in their classic red and black stripes, and Hillsborough in their blue and white. The two sides had never met before in any form of competition, and today they were being thrown straight in at the deep end, set to go head to head in an 11-a-side bout at Brunsmeer’s home ground.

Things got off to a fast and exciting start, with Brunsmeer forcing some good chances early on and even cracking the woodwork inside of the first ten minutes! Hillsborough were the first to strike however, with a few good spells making them look ever more likely the side to score first. This pressure paid off with a screaming volley into the top right-hand corner around the 15-minute mark, the keeper left helpless as it soared past; 1-0 Hillsborough!

Hillsborough’s magic spell didn’t seem to be wearing off anytime soon, and they continued to press Brunsmeer back, bagging a few more goals for their troubles. Brunsmeer’s spirit was never broken though, and they fought onwards with fantastic determination. This attitude almost paid off just before half time, with three consecutive set-pieces breezing the goal mouth but never quite finding the back of the net.

Half time came with Hillsborough in the lead and Brunsmeer a man down, after their right back was forced to retire from the game due to an ankle strain. With a bare 11 players turned out on the afternoon, Brunsmeer were a man down with no subs to replace him. What happened next is testament to the attitude of Hillsborough Club FC, who offered one of their own subs to fill in so that the game could continue fairly with equal sides. It was a great moment, and really summed up the spirit of both teams in general as to what the beautiful game is all about.

Brunsmeer came out from the break looking the better side despite the goal difference, missing out on a few great opportunities thanks to some outstanding work by Hillsborough’s defence. It was ultimately Hillsborough that would come out on top though, with a few more screamers leaving Brunsmeer and Hillsborough alike in absolute awe of what they were watching. The teams came out matched, however, in team spirit levels, posing for a photo together after the final whistle and reflecting on what had been a great afternoon of football.


By Will Hobson

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