‘Not another one?’ General Election 2017

Brenda from Bristol famously said ‘Not another one?’ when she heard about the General Election coming up on the 8th June.

She seemed to capture how many people feel about politics in a nutshell. The last general election, (in which 66% of registered voters voted) was in 2015 and last year we had the Brexit vote so no wonder Brenda and others are a little weary of politics.

However, in the UK we have the freedom and right to vote. A important right not afforded to everyone in the world. With that in mind, we have put together a short list of information resources to help people to find out more about voting and the choices we have in this election.

We hope you find this useful. You may also like to look at our other resources around social action.

Useful Voting Resources

We have put together a short set of links to useful information to help our community prepare for and vote in the election.

If you are not registered to vote you can do so here by 11.59pm on 22 May

More information about voting here

Set of digital tools which help democracy here

More information about UK politics, politicians and parliament here


Mental Health and the Elections

Mental health has become an important issue for the General Election 2017. Read more about the manifesto for mental health produced by some of the big mental health related charities which provides some challenges for politicians to consider here


Information about Parties and Manifestos

Information about the general election and manifestos here

A useful Fact Checker


Campaigns and information around accessible voting

Learning Disabilities

Sight Loss


Voting for Mental Health Patients


If you know of any further useful information please do let us know.



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