There is no such thing as an illegal 'asylum seeker'? When we talk about people, language matters.

There has been an increasing amount of rhetoric surrounding refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants in the news over the last few days with the British Government taking steps to ensure people cannot cross the channel from France to the UK. Whatever your political affiliation, it is important that we recognise and understand what the use of words and language mean. When we are afraid of the unknown, we can often turn to anger to protect ourselves. This is ok. People who are seeking asylum or are refugees are desperately afraid too – that’s why they’re making such dangerous journeys to find safety. Wherever you come from, whatever your story, you have the right to apply for asylum in any country that has signed the 1951 Refugee Convention. In Sheffield, we are proud to be the UK’s first City of Sanctuary. This means we work hard to ensure those who are fleeing war, famine, natural disasters, persecution, sexual exploitation and terrorism can find safety here. There are organisations across the city who support and enable those who have made such perilous journeys to this country to find a new home and start to rebuild their lives. Please consider finding out more about them and the work they do to help the most vulnerable in our world.

Organisations that support refugees and asylum seekers in Sheffield include:

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