Sheffield Health And Social Care (SHSC) are working to improve experiences and outcomes of racialised communities when accessing care, treatment and help.

Sheffield Health and Social Care are looking to gather missing data on ethnicity and gender identity for their service users.

“We are missing about 40% of the information on our service users’ ethnicity. We want to get a more accurate picture of our service users and who they are so we can tailor the care and treatment we give. We want to make sure we have a clear understanding of the ethnicity of our service users by 31 December 2023. We are also missing over 80% of data related to gender identity too. So we want to improve this and make sure we know about all our service users’ gender identity so we can care for them well.”

Sheffield Health and Social Care have published three videos to help staff and communities understand how to have sensitive conversations and gain better information, hoping that this will improve general understanding, as well as improving access to services, and the services themselves.

Please follow this link, to read more information, and watch their videos, and here is their introduction vid.

After you have watched, they are looking for feedback – “Do these videos help you to have better conversations with service users and report better?” Let us know, and for more information please contact Jenny Hall: [email protected]

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