Sheffield Flourish: Community cultures

For our monthly event we met up at Ship Shape Sharrow, and over some tasty grub (saffron flapjacks, soup and Spanish tortillas) we talked about the places that are special to us. Some of us had lived in different countries, others chose to talk about special places they’d visited, or where their friends or families lived.

We wanted to know what a sense of ‘home’ and ‘place’ means to our diverse city, whether you say ‘reyt’, or ‘right’, or another word entirely. While we were talking we personalised a map of the world to show the places that matter to us.

Map of the world

A few of us even wrote some postcards to far flung places – Neil wrote to his late father, a merchant seaman, and Ro wrote to Palestine. We were especially moved by the ‘Postcard from The Edge’.


We’re still looking for stories on this topic, so do get in touch if you’d like to share yours.

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