Join SHSC's group on restrictive practices

As part of work to improve the way care is provided, Sheffield Health and Social Care is bringing together a group of people to look at physical restraint, seclusion and rapid tranquilisation. If you’ve ever experienced any restrictive practices within NHS mental health care, please get in touch to find out more about joining the group.

The co-design group will include people from a range of backgrounds, including people who work in mental health. They will be looking at building on positive and safe care, as well as alternatives to restrictions.  

The group will be a safe space, meeting for 1.5 hours a month, with a payment for participants in recognition of your time. The first meeting is on 23rd February, with opportunities to join the next one for anyone who can’t make it.

Please share this with anyone you know who may be able to contribute.

To find out more please contact either Sheffield Flourish at [email protected] or Head of Nursing, Emma Highfield at [email protected]

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