Impact of Covid-19 on Mental Health and Wellbeing: Survey Results

In May 2020, Sheffield Flourish conducted an anonymous survey asking how people were coping in lockdown and whether the Covid-19 pandemic had been having a negative or difficult impact on their mental health and wellbeing.

We received 66 responses, all anonymous and completed online. From those who responded there are four main points that stick out which have provided us with an increased awareness of the difficulties that people have been facing during the pandemic.

  • Over 60% reported their mental health had got worse, which correlates with what the NHS are currently responding to.
  • Despite a majority explaining their mental health had got worst most people reported that they had not sought mental health support.
  • As expected, the mental health difficulties of those who are socially isolating appears to be the most significant factor.
  • Fears about the future are also heavily referred to.

If you would like to read the survey results you can do so here:
Sheffield Flourish MH and Covid-19 Survey

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