Flippin Mental Theatre

Sheffield Flourish has a new community enterprise called Flippin Mental Theatre, led by writer, Kathryn Littlewood. We’re looking for people from the mental health community to get involved. This will be ‘virtually’ through a video link, under the current Covid-19 circumstances.

Cultivating Mad Cow

Kathryn has adapted her memoir, Cultivating Madcow, into a one-women theatre piece. We are looking for 6 people with lived experience of mental ill-health (especially Bipolar disorder) who have an interest in the theatre and can help Kathryn to develop the play. You’ll need to have access to the internet with a video link function either through a laptop, tablet or phone.

We’ll run a session where an actor does a read-through of the hour-long script. We’ll share a series of questions with you for you to be mindful of during the performance and then have an hour for discussion and comment. If you’ve further things you want to tell us then you will have a chance to do that after the video ends or email suggestions to us.

We’ll then come back together 2 weeks later for another 2-hour video meeting having taken on board all your comments.

The giving of your time and expertise will be recognised through a small payment for your activity input. If you would like to get involved, please contact [email protected] for more information before Wednesday 15th April 2020.

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