Campaigns for change: call for ideas

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We’re launching a new project in partnership with Campaign Bootcamp. Campaign Bootcamp are a renowned national organisation who provide first class training and coaching for grassroots campaigners, and their community includes many people working on mental health issues.

They want to help people who care about mental health get their voices heard in Sheffield and the surrounding areas, and we’d like to help them. So, we’re looking for campaigns ideas which can go far. Those selected will be given bespoke and practical training sessions by Campaign Bootcamp to help make change happen.

We’re looking for groups – people who already know each other and want to change something, or individuals who have a great idea but are struggling to find others, to let us know about a campaign idea they’d like to work on.


The criteria

Any campaign idea is a good idea! The sky is the limit, though we find it useful to focus on local campaigns.

You might want to reduce waiting times at your local service, be heard in a place where you feel your voice is shut out, or stop the cuts/closure of something important to you like a community centre or drop in centre.

You might want to tackle things that have a negative impact on your life in your local area, like litter or pollution, fight isolation, or improve public transport.

The possibilities are endless, but we want to hear from you!



How to take part

All you need to do to get involved is complete the form below ASAP.

We want to find campaigns which motivate people, so once we’ve gathered all the ideas we’ll be publishing them online so that new people can sign up (where needed) to be part of the campaign. Bootcamp will work with existing groups and with the people whose ideas manage to get the most signups.

If you know you want to work on something, but aren’t sure what, please drop an email to our friendly Trainer [email protected] or Jo [email protected] to chat.

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