House Rules

Taking Part in the Sheffield Flourish Community

Welcome to Sheffield Flourish.

We have put together a set of house rules and tips which we hope will guide members in helping to build a safe and mental health friendly community.

  1. Have respectful and kind conversations valuing diversity of opinions.  
  2. Build a community where people feel comfortable asking for help and contributing their talents, insights and ideas.
  3. Alert the site moderators if you see anything which gives you cause for concern.  
  4. Take care to use the site safely and use or direct people to the urgent help guidance where appropriate.
  5. Understand that each person’s experience and context is unique and whilst peer support is invaluable there is usually many different answers to problems.
  6. Do not post anything which is a personal attack, racist, homophobic, sexist or transphobic. We also ask members not to swear or use offensive language directly or implicitly through symbols.    
  7. Please do not share personal contact details or use private messaging inappropriately.
  8. Do not post images which are likely to upset others.

Please note we will moderate content and will take steps to remove or block content which breaks the house rules.