I Drowned

Chris Lynam

My heart is rent asunder, as I lay mumbling in my sleep. 
Thrashing in the darkness and roiling in the deep. 
The waves of fear they haunt the bows  
And travel in my wake. 
As I batten down the hatches  
And pray my soul for God to take. 

With the dawning of the light and to the realm of ebb and flow. 
Into the swirling mists of darkness and the black abyss way down below. 
To lose one’s way amidst the storms 
And tempests from within. 
To surrender compass and sextant  
To a land 
Where time begins. 

To be self-judged for perceived misdeeds. 
And be haunted by our sins. 
Our shores forever battered by blustering squalling wind 

No earthly realms or pillared rooms.  
To calm the seas and assuage the dooms. 
The crests break white, and as all too soon 
The vessel plummets to its doom. 
Settled finally on the shale. 
Way down in 
Remorseless gloom.