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    Life since March 2020 has been unusual to say the least. Despite being allowed to go for walks and to the shops whilst social distancing, many people are feeling fed up and stuck at home or at worst; imprisoned. I’ve been suffering from mental health problems for most of my life so in a way […]

    Flippin Mental Theatre is a community enterprise supported by Sheffield Flourish, and led by writer Kathryn Littlewood.

    Prozac didn’t work well for my son – he got nightmares and became increasingly anxious. The GP doubled the dosage. Within three days my son was admitted to Nether Edge Hospital in acute crisis. He was treated with different and multiple mental health drugs. He got worse not better, was in and out of hospital […]

    Everything at the moment is rather hectic and feels very much out of our control. So I think it’s the perfect time to create a private retreat – a place where we can unwind, read, write and do things that we normally don’t have the time for in our busy lives. We can use the […]

    Poetry written by Juliet McDonald, Joan Ellis, Rachel Matthews Burton and Shirin Teifouri.Artwork by Joan Ellis.Poem is recited by Rachel Burton.

    We are all adjusting to a new way of living, during this time. Lisa who works for Sheffield Flourish, shares how she has had to adjust to a minimum of 12 weeks isolation.

    Working with the lovely CAST, we’ve made some art packs which we’re really excited to share with the community. Download an art pack We really hope you enjoy working with these, and please send us some photos of what you make! UPDATE! A huge thank you for the community support for these art packs, including […]

    It is so long ago that I was a patient in Middlewood; nearly forty years. It was my first admission to a psychiatric hospital. I was a young, very immature, angst ridden student who had decided there was no point to life and that he wanted to die. And maybe I did but maybe I […]

    Our enterprise activities are moving online, and we wanted to share what our new schedule is. There’s more information about getting involved under each of the headings.

    Here at Sheffield Flourish we are slowly adjusting to a new way of working and living. It can feel overwhelming at points and we understand the fears, anxieties and frustrations that we are all experiencing. It is no surprise that service provision has changed right across the city, and indeed the country, as well as […]

    It’s a strange, strange time we are living through, and we’re all just learning as we go. Jo, who works for Sheffield Flourish, shares a few things she’s been doing to stay feeling okay. A few links from the video: My Toolkit Habit Tracker template

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