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    Craig Hopwood: Three Poems

    Many thanks to Craig Hopwood for sharing his powerful and thought-provoking poems with us. Craig is a new member of Rotherham Flourish.

    I’ll still be me!

    I walked inside the doctor’s room,
    my head and heart sensed impending doom.
    What could the doctor say,
    to explain the feelings I have today?

    The pen it clicks as he started to scribe,
    as all my symptoms I tried to describe.
    He nods his head, and writes some more,
    it’s taking all my effort, not to run for the door.

    My mind wanders and my thoughts drift,
    if only these feelings I could shift.
    I bring myself back into the room,
    all I want is help, and soon!

    He puts down his pen, and at me looks,
    I’ve found your problem in my medical books!
    It would appear you have B.P.D,
    but friends don’t worry, I’ll still be me!

    What’s in a word?

    Isn’t it funny, how things we perceive,
    words start our journey, where others will leave.
    What triggers they have, we never would think,
    words make us happy, and other hearts sink.

    We never thought how others do see,
    words that have no impact on me.
    The language is full of other meanings,
    must we think, do our words need screening?

    A simple word such as Sun,
    remind people of pain, where children think fun.
    The next time your speaking, as the words do roll,
    Will they on others, sound their toll?

    Your Journey

    The Sun creeps into the morning sky,
    the night has come to die.
    The world awakes, a new day begins,
    The silence breaks, as the blackbird sings.

    A blank page waiting to be written,
    a new love, with which to become smitten.
    Our destiny only we can write,
    The path between wrong and right.

    It’s in our hands for us to mould,
    other people’s thoughts we must be told.
    To listen or ignore, this is our choice,
    The plan is decided, by our inner voice.

    People’s opinions or decision we’ll hear,
    because of our actions, friends disappear.
    The future is waiting, what will you do?
    Just remember your journey begins with you!

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