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    Who manages Sheffield Flourish?

    Sheffield Flourish is a community site, run by a local charity with representation of people who live with mental health conditions at every level of the organisation.

    Who moderates Sheffield Flourish?

    At the moment comments on the site are moderated by staff. If you’d be interested in moderating the site on a voluntary basis please get in touch.

    Do you have any rules?

    Yes, we have community rules and terms of use.

    What should I do if I’m worried about someone?

    Direct them to the ‘urgent help’ section of the website, and encourage them to call the free  helplines.

    How can I get more involved?

    Make sure you’ve signed up! Once you’re logged in, you can share some love and solidarity with our writers by commenting on their stories. You might also want to consider sharing your own story, or posting an activity on the site. Or, if you’ve got time to spare,  you could sign up to volunteer with us. If you have anything else in mind do get in touch!

    How do I get a story published on Sheffield Flourish?

    Have a look at our monthly themes, or feel free to submit your own idea. Make sure you’ve read through the submission guidelines before you start producing your story. When you’re ready to submit it, sign into the site and you can find the post your story page in the ‘stories’ section. Don’t forget our editing panel will be in touch to confirm the final version.

    What happens after I’ve submitted a story?

    One of our very friendly editing panel will be in touch with the final version of your story. They’ll send you a form to sign, and once we have that back we’ll aim to get  the story live within the next few weeks.

    How is Sheffield Flourish funded?

    We are truly grateful to the different organisations who have helped get Sheffield Flourish off the ground, and helped it flourish further. There are too many names to mention, so please check out our partners and friends.

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