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      • Address
        320 Wordsworth Avenue,
        Parson Cross,
        S5 9NL
      • Springboard Parson Cross

        The Springboard runs in various locations around Sheffield (except on bank holidays).  It is for people who are feeling low, isolated, anxious or struggling to manage their mental well being.…

      • Address
        St Mary’s Church Community Centre,
        Bramall Lane,
        S2 4QZ
      • Acctivate children's club (Asperger's)

        Acctivate is a club on Saturdays for children 0-12+ with Asperger’s syndrome or High Functioning Autism and their siblings. Current activities include computers, board games, lego, art, outdoor fun and…

      • Address
        The Circle,
        33 Rockingham Lane,
        S1 4FW
      • Sheffield Autistic Society drop-in sessions

        Sheffield Autistic Society is a local charity for people with autism (including Asperger/Aspergers Syndrome), their families and carers. The Society is inclusive and aims to support any individual, of any…

      • Address
        Limbrick Centre,
        Limbrick Road,
        S6 2PE
      • Sheffield Hearing Voices Group

        The Hearing Voices Group is open to anyone who experiences paranoia or hearing voices (psychosis). The group provides an opportunity for those with similar issues to talk to each other,…